Little Foodie Gem of Laytonville California

Big Chief Restaurant

Laytonville, California

After driving for hours through small towns and beautiful scenery we did not expect to find this healthy, unique, artsy and extremely funky gem.  But Mendocino county had nothing but wonderful surprises in store for us, including Big Chief restaurant in Laytonville.

This space is small but full of love, good vibes and great food. As soon as you walk in the store you can see into the kitchen and catch a whiff of what is cooking. To your left is a wall of local goodies. And straight ahead is the bar full of draft beers and homemade kombucha.

The menu offers po’boys, salads, hamburgers and more.  We tried the big chief burger option with no cheese or bun and highly recommend this juicy and hearty burger! Oh and the homemade kombuchas will cure that thirst you did not even know you had, they are the definition of refreshing! We had a watermelon, cherry and cucumber kombucha that rocked our taste buds.

Peace Out!


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